Requirements for College Application

As the process of filling out details in college applications takes time, it requires lot of concentration to complete the process. Some of the typical requirements for completing college applications are:
* Application form - It may be a specified one issued by the college authority or a common application form that may be available online
* Application fee - Fees vary with the college and the average
college application fee ranges between $35 and $60
* Transcript - This is a form that details your educational history. You should request it from the guidance office as early as possible.
* Admission test scores - Admission test scores are an important part of college application. At many colleges, you need to submit your SAT or ACT test scores. These are considered a standard way of measuring a student’s ability to do college-level work.
* Letters of recommendation - As colleges follow their own principles, some colleges may ask for letters of recommendation from a counselor, teacher or adult who knows you well. When asking someone to write it for you, make sure to get it done before the college submission deadline expires.


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